10. Flemish School

Flemish School
(17th/18th century)
The calling of the apostle Saul
Oil on panel, 58.4 x 78.8 cm
N.B. I:
On the road to Damascus Saul hears the voice of Christ: ‘(…) and I fell on the ground and heard a voice call out to me: Saul, Saul, why do you persecute Me? And I answered: Who art thou Lord? And He said unto me: I am Jezus, the Nazarene, whom you are prosecuting.’ (Hd.22:07)
N.B. II:
We are grateful to Mr. Fred Meijer of the RKD in The Hague for his assistance in cataloguing this lot.

€ 800 - 1.200
€ 750