Five Yixing teapots with lids
a) Bulbous, marked: Jingxi Hui Mengchen zhi, 19th century/ Republic. H. 6 cm
b) Dark brown, marked: Shen Juhua (born 1939), marked underneath: Yangxian zisha. H. 8 cm
c) Curved, imitation bamboo handle, by Wu Huiqin, lid: Huiqin. H. 11.5 cm
d) Body with inscription, marked: Juxian zhi tao, made by Yin Juxian. H. 9 cm
e) Lotus pot with lid mark: Xichen, Yixing ceramist from the late Qing-early Republic. H. 11.5 cm

€ 2.000 - 3.000