324. Five Yixing teapots with lids

Five Yixing teapots with lids
a) Bulbous, marked Babie, 19th century. H. 8 cm
b) Flower branches in relief, marked: Zhongguo Yixing and (lid) Gu Zhenhua, Republic. H. 15 cm
c) Branch-shaped handle and spout, caption on the exterior: Song hua piao ding fan, lan qi ru ou jing a citation from the poem Yi ming ya of the Tang poet Li Deyu (787-849), engraved by Wan Shengxin. H. 14 cm
d) On the lid trigrames (bagua), marked underneath: Made in China. H. 11.5 cm
e) Yellow-coloured, marked: Baogen, Wang Baogen (1902-1954) was a well-known ceramist during the Republic, lid marked: Baoji, inscription engraved by Liyong. H. 11 cm

€ 2.000 - 3.000
€ 1.100