Utrecht School
Jesus and the woman taken in adultery
Unclearly signed with monogram and dated 1636 l.m.
Oil on panel, 122.3 x 88.7 cm
Collection Mrs. S.M.C. Jungeling, The Hague
N.B. I:
The signature is reminiscent of that by Nicolaes Knüpfer (circa 1609 – 1655). A work by his hand from this period is sofar however unknown and this painting shows few if any of his characteristic style. Obvious though are influences from the city of Utrecht and Knüpfer was (according to tradition) working in the studio of Hendrick Bloemaert (1601-1602 – 1672) in Utrecht from circa 1630. The figure behind Christ on the left could be the artist’s self portrait. Knüpfer in 1636 was aged approximately 27 years, about the same age as the depicted figure. If the work is by the hand of Knüpfer, it concerns an early, uncharacteristic work.
N.B. II:
We are grateful to Mr. F.G. Meijer for his assistance in cataloguing this work.

€ 1.000 - 2.000
€ 3.200