34. Two silver coin boxes

Two silver coin boxes
Alkmaar, 1782, possible Dirk Roggeveen, date letter x, also hallmarked 1807 and Kingdom of Holland, period 1812/1813, hallmark bundle of arrows
The first with a 10 penny coin, Holland 1748, in the loose lid and in the bottom. The second with in the lid and bottom a stamped depiction of a double penny, West Friesland 1806. Both circular and smooth and both rims with cablecord.
Second grade silver, approx. weight 25 grams and third grade silver, approx. weight 8 grams.
H. 2.6 / H. 2 cm
B.W.G. Wttewaall, Nederlands kleinzilver en schepwerk, Uniepers Publishers, Abcoude, 1994, page 86, ill. 212
The double penny coinboxes can be considered rare, especially when stamped.

€ 700 - 1.000
€ 700