Two various creamware plates, two smaller plates and a tea caddy, one Whieldon Staffordshire plate and a creamware plate with the portrait of Prince William V
English and decorated in The Netherlands, last quarter 18th century
Along the scalloped rims floral motif. One with a depiction of two ladies, two gentlemen and a servant around a decked table. With the caption: Zi MAALTYD
One with a depiction of the initiation of a priest and the caption: PRIESTERORDER
The plates and tea caddy with Biblical scene. The Whieldon plate with spinach decoration. The last with a portrait medallion and the caption: PWD5 Dat sag ik in does middag stont 3
Diam. 24.2 cm / Diam. 19.5 cm / Diam. 18 cm / H. 10 cm / Diam. 23 cm / Diam. 25.5 cm

€ 600 - 1.000
€ 600