207. Two various albums amicorum

Two various albums amicorum
Düsseldorf 17th century and Utrecht 18th century
The first in contemporary leather binding with gold embossing. Oblong size. On the title page the hand-written caption: Philoteca pro Hermanno Krann Dusse Lemontano anno 1618. With various, mostly in latin written dedications. Some with hand-coloured armorials. Including one caption from Leiden signed: Everardus Bronckhorst Soribebam Lugdu. Batav. 21 Maij. Anno 1620.
The second album in contemporary, gold embossed leather binding. Oblong size with 240 hand numbered pages. With a large amount of dedications in calligraphy, mostly in Latin. The earliest dated 1753, the last 1770. On page 173 a dedication with the caption: Ter Gedachtenis aan den Hoog Edel Geboren Heere G:J: van der Capellen.
H. 10.5 x W. 14 cm / H. 12 x W. 19.5 cm

€ 800 - 1.200
€ 500