39. Two various engraved goblets

Two various engraved goblets
Germany and Northern Netherlands, circa 1750, clear colourless glass
One with a continuing wheel-engraved depiction of Bacchus on a wine barrel and three maenads amidst vines. On hexagonal, baluster-shaped stem with faceted knops. On wide conical foot with folded rim. The second with a wheel engraved shepherd and his flock in a mountainous landscape on the bowl. To the left a pair of foxes, to the right a pair of hares. Encircled by foliage and strapwork, one portrait medallion of a lady and two kneeling putti, a basket with flowers on her head. Octagonal baluster-shaped stem.
H. 22.8 / 17.9 cm

€ 800 - 1.200
€ 750