Toon Laurense
(Venray 1958)
Signed and dated 2007 on the reverse
Oil on canvas, 119.8 x 160.1 cm
– Jan van Hoof Galerie, ‘s-Hertogenbosch (2007) (incl. copy of invoice)
– Private collection, the Netherlands
The magnificently composed and expressively painted works by Toon Laurense stimulate the viewer to take in the painting. Each work the artist makes offers new insights into what imagination combined with paint is capable of. He does so in a direct interaction with the material: the artist and the paint. His aim is to set the paint in motion and the resulting depiction. Painting for Laurense is also performing a composition in movement, a choreography, not fixed or composed. Therein he passionately lives out his fascinations for light, colour and consciousness, in a substance that, in its liquid form, is capable of assuming any imagined form in a solid.

€ 800 - 1.200
€ 750