Ten red stoneware teapots with lids
20th century
a) Four colours. Marked on lid and bottom: Pei Huaying. H. 9 cm
b) Bottom mark: Guang Cuiyu zei. H. 10 cm
c) Square, bound bamboo branches. Bottom mark: Li Mingfen. H. 17 cm
d) Rectangular with floral decoration. H. 12 cm
e) Flattened curved, lid marked: Shao Fangdi. H. 11 cm
f) A Japanese Tokoname jar marked: Unsen. H. 8 cm
g) Body part with imitation tree bark, bottom mark: Zhongguo Yixing. H. 10 cm
h) Duanni-klei Yixing pot with prunus blossom and bottom mark: Zhijun taoyi.
H. 10.5 cm
i) Bottom mark: Zhongguo Yixing. H. 9 cm
j) Two-part body, bottom mark: Wu Qunxiang zei. H. 13 cm
Translations of the inscriptions can be translated at request.

€ 1.000 - 1.500
€ 600