83. Tibout Regters

Tibout Regters
(Dordrecht 1710 – Amsterdam 1768)
Portrait of an elegant woman in a white dress wearing a blue stole and a red carnation in her hand
Signed and dated 1750 l.r.
Oil on canvas, 57.6 x 45.2 cm
Collection Mrs. G.J.M. Huitema-Van Bredehoff de Vicq, Egmond (1935, since then by bequest in the family)
Centraal Museum, Utrecht, cat. 1952 (inv. no. 1294)
N.B. I:
The carnation, particularly in red, is a symbol of betrothal. This probably has its origin in a Flemmish marriage custom. Particularly in the 15th and 16th century one was portrayed seated and holding a carnation as a memento to the betrothal.
N.B. II:
Together with a portrait in pastel of a boy of the Van Bredehoff family (39.4 x 41.3 cm), originating from the same family property and also exhibited in the Centraal Museum Utrecht (inv. no. 1389).
In the ninteen thirties Mrs. Huitema moved to Indonesia and gave the paintings on loan to the Centraal Museum, Utrecht.

€ 2.500 - 3.500
€ 2.000