13. Slava Seidel

Slava Seidel
(Ukraine, Krivoj Rog 1974)
“Die Kuppel 8”
Signed and dated 08 l.r.
Signed, titled and dated 2008 on the reverse
Sepia ink on canvas, 125 x 150 cm
Galerie Jos Art, Amsterdam (2010) (incl. copy of invoice)
The overwhelming compositions by Slava Seidel depict surrealistic scenes set in stunning baroque architecture. Her works arouse a sense of tension, dizziness and dynamics similar to baroque theatre. The artist has mastered the technique of depicting even the most complex architectural elements in the greatest detail, despite using an indelible ink technique which does not allow for later corrections. Seidel’s technical precision is as remarkable as her imaginary mind, which results in these architectonic symphonies.

€ 1.000 - 2.000
€ 500