250. Sjoerd Buisman

Sjoerd Buisman
“Senecio” (1993)
Signed, titled, dated 1993, numbered 2/3 and annotated 2 parts and part 2 inside
Bronze (consisting of two parts), 60 x 60 x 16.8 cm
– Galerie Ramakers, Amsterdam, 2002
– Private collection, the Netherlands
Buisman’s work is characterised by a deep fascination with nature, exploring natural processes and intricate patterns found in the organic world. Around 1985, Buisman started to apply the geometric pattern of the phyllotaxis (spiral arrangement of leaves, flowers, seeds or other plant parts around a stem or axis) to bronze and concrete statues, as can be seen in this work on offer.

€ 1.500 - 2.500
€ 1.400