62. Samuel Phillips Jackson

Samuel Phillips Jackson
(Clifton 1830 – ? 1904)
Evening mood in the harbour
Oil on canvas, 25.9 x 36.1 cm
Private collection, Spain
N.B. I:
Samuel Phillips Jackson R.W.S., was born in Clifton (Bristol) in 1830, he died in 1904. Between 1852 and 1881 he regularly contributed to exhibitions organised by the Royal Academy of Arts in London. The abbreviation R.W.S. added after his surname indicates his admission to the Royal Society of Watercolour artists. He was well-known for his oil paintings, but particularly for his watercolours.
N.B. II:
We are grateful to Mrs. Ursula de Goede-Broug for her assistance in cataloguing this lot.

€ 2.000 - 3.000
€ 1.500