169. Piet Mondriaan

Piet Mondriaan
(Amersfoort 1872 – New York 1944)
Farm near the village of Duivendrecht, 1917
Signed l.l.
Black crayon on paper, 24.3 x 31.5 cm
Part of a sketchbook Amicorum belonging to Mrs. E. von Römer containing various drawings and sketches by, amongst others, Peter Alma.
The family of Mrs. E. von Römer
R.P. Welsh, J.M. Joosten, Piet Mondrian: catalogue raisonné, Volumes 2-3, V + K Publishing, Blaricum, 1998, page II 464, C9 (ill.)
– A letter by Mrs. E. van Römer, dated Malang, Indonesia 12 April 1975:
[…] In 1917 my sister and I rented a barn, half of which served as a studio, in Laren near the village green. There we were often paid visits by artists from Paris, including amongst others Piet (Mondriaan). Finally Piet took my sketchbook with him and made a sketch of cubes, of which I saw the enlarged version hanging on the museum wall when I was in The Hague some 22 years ago. The first one he made for me. It was supposed to depict music. Piet was aware at the time that I didn’t quite understand his intentions, and asked if he could have it back, he then would make me another drawing. It was in 1917 when he drew me this small work with a butt-end of a piece of crayon. While he was starting to write his name, the crayon blew away and could’t be found! He therefore corrected it in pencil.[…]
– A letter by F.H. Bool, Scientific Staff Member of the Prints Department / Haagse Gemeentemuseum, dated 25 April 1975

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