Noh Sang-Kyoon
(Seoul 1958)
Jesus Helmet (rainbow) #40909
Indistinctly signed in Korean, signed, titled and dated 2004 on the inside
Sequins, polyester resin and fibreglass, H. 36.6 cm
– Gallery HYUNDAI, Seoul (2005) (incl. copy of certificate)
– Private collection, the Netherlands
Noh Sang-Kyoon constructs dazzling sculptures, the colourful sequins in his works symbolise hope. The use of this material stems from a near-death experience of the artist: at a young age he nearly drowned and sequins remind him of the scales of the fish that gave him the strength to keep swimming upwards. The mysterious effect of the sculpture is reinforced by the depiction of religious figures such as Buddha and Jesus Christ. The works are made with the utmost concentration, the sequins are placed in an endless circular repetition, start and finish can no longer be determined. His works offer the experience of cognitive hope, reflected in a rhythmic visual illusion.

€ 1.000 - 2.000
€ 1.000