338. Martin Mondeel

Martin Mondeel
(Middelburg 1961)
Chateau de Bagatelle
Monogrammed and dated 2000 l.r.
Oil on panel, 99.1 x 90.1 cm
N.B. I:
In original framework.
N.B. II:
The works by Martin Mondeel could be classified as both impressionistic as well as magical realism. The artist starts by painting many studies of landscapes, architecture, classical statues and historical gardens in the open air. In his studio he processes these impressionistic studies into imaginary scenes. These contemporary capriccio’s show a resemblance to the works of Carel Willink, the master of magical realism. Mondeel however has chosen a very harmonious use of colours, using these to lift out the poignant composition and the refined perspective. Besides capriccio’s the oeuvre of Mondeel also features portraiture, interiors, still lifes and seascapes.

€ 500 - 800
€ 850