543. Marlene Dumas

Marlene Dumas
The Fog of War (2006):
The Fog of War
Collateral Damage
Friendly Fire
The Refugee
The complete portfolio of four digital prints in colours including text by the artist
All four signed and dated 2006 lower right
All four titled lower centre and numbered 3/80 (there were also 10 artist’s proofs) lower left
Published by Marcel Kalksma, Amsterdam
All four digital print in colours on Hahnemüle paper, all 45.7 x 35.6 cm
E. Bedford & M.& Dumas, Marlene Dumas: intimate relations, Jacana Media, Johannesburg/Roma Publications, Amsterdam, 2007, p. 49 (another print illustrated)
In her evocative series ‘Fog of War’ Marlene Dumas delves into the complex tapestry of politics, identity, love, and shame through haunting oil and watercolour paintings. The South African-born artist draws inspiration from her upbringing during the apartheid era, weaving together elements from her personal experiences, mass-media depictions of current events and celebrities, as well as references from art history. Dumas’ distinctive palette, characterized by ghostly greys, browns, blues, and pinks, sets the stage for a profound exploration of human emotion.
Her artistic style, marked by blurred brushstrokes and delicate washes of colour, lends an ethereal quality to the compositions. Within this atmospheric framework, nude bodies emerge as a recurring motif, their forms engaged in amorous acts that amplify the nuanced expressions, points of contact, and underlying emotions. Dumas skilfully captures the vulnerability and complexity of the human experience, inviting viewers to confront the layers of meaning embedded in each stroke.
* Condition report available upon request

€ 4.000 - 6.000
€ 4.000