90. Lizzy Ansingh

Lizzy Ansingh
Acteurs en Actrices van het Poppentheater achter de Coulissen (Actors and Actresses of the Puppet Theatre Backstage)
Signed lower right
Oil on canvas, 102.8 x 100.9 cm
Collection D.H.W. Filarski (the artist), thence by descent
Lizzy Ansingh was a Dutch painter and a prominent member of the Amsterdamse Joffers, a group of female artists associated with the Amsterdam art scene. Born in Utrecht, Ansingh was the granddaughter of the well-known painter Johann Georg Schwartze and received early artistic encouragement and training from her family, particularly her aunt, Thérèse Schwartze, a respected portrait artist. Ansingh’s work is noted for its delicate detail and imaginative themes. One of her most distinctive contributions to art is her series of paintings featuring dolls. These works often depict dolls in various human-like activities, blurring the line between the animate and inanimate and creating a whimsical, sometimes eerie, atmosphere. Ansingh’s fascination with dolls began in her childhood, and this interest persisted throughout her career, serving as a unique motif in her art.

€ 3.000 - 5.000
€ 2.500