27. Johannes Hermanus Koekkoek

Johannes Hermanus Koekkoek
Schepen voor de Nederlandse kust bij storm (Ships off the Dutch Coast in Storm)
Oil on panel, 30.9 x 43.7 cm
Private collection, the Netherlands
Many of Johannes Hermanus Koekkoek’s contemporaries chose the sea as their subject, but Johannes would prove to be one of the most accomplished seascape painters of them all and was already, in his own time, internationally renowned. The theoretical knowledge Johannes Hermanus Koekkoek had of all the ships is clearly visible in his paintings, and he even made, solely for practice, small but very accurate models of the vessels.

Although the sea was his main subject, Johannes Hermanus Koekkoek made sure that his paintings were always versatile. The present lot, which he painted between 1820 and 1835, shows the beautifully balanced composition and precision in detail and execution for which Johannes Hermanus Koekkoek was known. Besides the skilled execution of the figures on the jetty and the way the light reflects on the waves, the subject of this painting also adds to its desirability.
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€ 8.000 - 12.000