380. Johannes Bosboom

Johannes Bosboom
Leaving Mass in Scheveningen (1843)
Signed and dated 43 lower right
Oil on panel, 27.5 x 34.2 cm
– Kunsthandel Borzo, Den Bosch
– Private collection, the Netherlands
Johannes Bosboom gained great international recognition as a painter and watercolourist specializing in church interiors. His colleagues considered him an authority not only because of his talent but also due to his dedication to the artistic community. Many museums both in the Netherlands and abroad possess works by this artist.
Trained under the guidance of painters Bart van Hove and Wijnand Nuijen, Bosboom attended classes at the Haagsche Teekenacademie and later became a member of Pulchri Studio. Over time, his focus shifted towards employing a broad brush to capture the interplay of light and colour within interiors, marking him as a precursor to the Haagse School.
The artwork featured in this auction deviates from his typical church interiors, presenting an exterior view instead with churchgoers departing. Even in this departure from the familiar, the painting showcases Bosboom’s skilful play with light, infusing the scene with warmth and elegance.
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€ 6.000 - 10.000
€ 5.300