174. Jean Rustin

Jean Rustin
Jeune Homme (1995)
Signed and dated 95 lower left
Signed, titled and dated 95 on the reverse
Oil on canvas, 41.1 x 27 cm
– Fondation Rustin, Antwerp, 1995
– Private collection, the Netherlands
Including the book Rustin by Edward Lucie-Smith (Thomas Heneage & Co, 1991) and the 2003 documentary Jean Rustin on DVD.

French artist Jean Rustin is often likened to artists like Lucian Freud and Francis Bacon. He transitioned from colourful and expressionistic abstract art to figurative painting in 1971, seeking deeper expression. The present painting Jeune homme epitomises his later style: haunting figures in sparse settings, evoking a sense of vulnerability and existential isolation. The aged figures depicted by Rustin stare directly from the painting, their gaze lacking any apparent intellectual or moral consciousness. Rustin’s meticulous technique and subdued palette belie the raw emotions his works evoke, confronting viewers with the naked truth of human existence. Often provoking strong reactions and even being attacked by museum visitors on several occasions, Rustin’s work remains highly sought-after worldwide.

€ 4.000 - 6.000
€ 3.800