10. Jacques François Carabain

Jacques François Carabain
Des anciennes Murailles et Tour à Bacharach, Bords du Rhin (1864)
Signed and dated 1864 lower right
A declaration of authenticity signed and dated 26.nov.1864 on a label on the stretcher
Oil on canvas, 76 x 62.3 cm
– Abels Gemälde-Galerie, Köln
– Private collection, the Netherlands
Jacques Carabain is counted among the finest painters of townscapes active in 19th-century Belgium. Carabain had a penchant for depicting medieval or Baroque town centers, emphasising the picturesque: old churches, market squares often featuring monumental water pumps, and city gates. These scenes were populated with colourful characters engaged in their daily activities. He embarked on multiple trips to countries both within and beyond Europe, capturing the romantic Rhine landscape on more than one occasion.

€ 5.000 - 8.000
€ 4.250