239. Hong Sung-do

Hong Sung-do
a) Gangwondo (2006)
Unique work
C-print nailed to C-print on dibond, 31.5 x 47.3 cm
b) Beijing – Yi He Yuan (2006)
Unique work
C-print nailed to C-print on dibond, 31.6 x 47.2 cm
Collection Susanna Vorst, the Netherlands, acquired directly from the artist
The artist Hong Sung-do initially only produced sculptures, for which he was trained at the Hong-ik university of Seoul. His dissatisfaction with the traditional boundaries of sculpture led him on a search for a more dynamic line of approach. The works offered here are part of the Tourist series, in which photographs of his travels to China, Nepal, but also Europe served as a source of inspiration. The fragmentary aspect of photography enabled him to capture the dynamics around lifeless objects. Hong photographed the same frame at two separate moments: the first photograph served as a base for his work, from the second photograph he cut out the parts with differences and modelled those in the first photograph. Hong Sung-do is able to enrich the medium of photography with a sculptural dimension. The artist transforms the viewer into something more than the passive reader of a recorded image, the artist lets the viewer rediscover the photograph anew.

€ 600 - 1.000
€ 500