German School
(16th century)
a) Saint Sebastian
Oil on pinewood panel, 106.3 x 33.8 cm
b) Saint Gregory the Great
Oil on pinewood panel, 106.7 x 34.4 cm
The panel on the left depicts Saint Sebastian (died c. AD 288), who can be recognized by his arrow. Most portraits depict Saint Sebastian as a martyr; wearing only a lioncloth, his body pierced with arrows. However, in this portrait, he is dressed in a rich robe, carrying the arrow as a symbol.
Pope Gregory I (Saint Gregory the Great) (540 – 604) is portrayed on the right panel. Pope Gerogry I was one of the four Great Church Fathers. He can be identified by his tiara, papal ferula, stigmata gloves and beardless face.

€ 4.000 - 6.000
€ 3.800