180. Gentleman’s Game

Gentleman’s Game
(Brandon Friend 1980 & Jason Douglas Griffin 1981)
“Landlord” (2015)
Signed by both artists, titled and dated 2015 on the reverse
Imprinted acrylic and mixed media on canvas,
177.8 x 126.8 cm
– David Gibson Gallery, New York City, 2015
– Corporate collection, the Netherlands
Gentleman’s Game is an artistic duo composed of Brandon Friend and Jason Douglas Griffin, who initially crossed paths during their studies at the University of Maryland and have been working together since 2008.
In their collaborative work, Friend and Griffin explore themes of everyday life, sustainability, history, myth and pop culture. The duo specialises in crafting mixed media pieces that boast intricate mark-making and textured elements, employing various techniques such as painting, photography, collage, and printmaking. What sets their collaborative approach apart is the entirety of their artistic process: from conceptualisation and planning to research, sketching, and execution, every step is undertaken jointly by both artists.

€ 750 - 1.500