46. Frederik Marinus Kruseman

Frederik Marinus Kruseman
(Haarlem 1816 – Sint-Gillis 1882)
Summer landscape with figures with a donkey and dog by a stream
Signed and dated 1852 l.l.
Oil on panel, 27 x 23.1 cm
Born in Haarlem, Frederik Marinus Kruseman hails from a renowned family of painters. After his training by the Romantic landscape painters Nicolaas Johannes Roosenboom (1805-1880) and Jan van Ravenswaaij (1789-1869) Kruseman travelled to the German city of Kleve in 1837 to perfect his painterly technique under the famous ‘prince of landscape painters’ B.C. Koekkoek (1803-1862). Koekkoek taught Kruseman the painting of landscapes according to his personal ideas. Besides dreamy summer landscapes Kruseman also painted technically very strong winter landscapes. In the eighteen-fifties and sixties Kruseman was at the height of his artistic skills.

€ 3.000 - 5.000
€ 2.800