78. Franz Xaver Pieler

Franz Xaver Pieler
(Vienna 1876 – Klosterneuburg 1952)
Still life of flowers
Signed l.r.
Oil on panel, 59.6 x 47.3 cm
– Frost & Reed, Bristol/London
– Private collection, The Netherlands
Franz Xaver Pieler trained from 1891 to 1894 in decorative painting and gilding in Oberhollabrunn. From 1899 on Pieler worked as a decorative painter in Berlin, Osterode and Magdeburg. In 1911 he returned to Vienna, where he worked on copying commissions and worked as a restorer. Only in the nineteen-twenties, at the age of 45, Pieler succeeded in making a career as a true painter. By means of a determined study of nature he acquired a personal style in the painting of flowers and still-lifes. He was particularly inspired by the Dutch flower painters of the 17th century, including Jan Brueghel de Jonge. Pieler was able to produce his own paints and canvasses due to his experience as a restorer.

€ 2.400 - 2.800
€ 4.000