211. François-Raoul Larche

François-Raoul Larche
(Saint-André-de-Cubzac 1860 – Paris 1912)
Les Roseaux
Signed and stamped A226 on the base
Inscribed with foundry mark Siot.Fondeur.Paris on the side of the base
Bronze, H. 151.7 cm
P. Kjellenberg, Bronzes of the 19th century, Dictionary of Sculptors, Schiffer publishing, Atglen, 1994, p. 409 (a smaller cast)
The noted Art Nouveau sculptor François-Raoul Larche is best known for his numerous female figures, for example his statue of dancer Loie Fuller. Although this ‘dancing Fuller’ is one of his most famous bronzes, the current lot is of a far larger scale and therefore extraordinary; bronze figural works of this scale and calibre from the Art Nouveau period are exceptionally rare. The bronze figure depicts a beautiful naked lady standing amongst cattails with excellent patina and very fine hand-finished surface detail. The model is illustrated in a period Siot-Decauville catalogue which details that it was available in two sizes, one approximately 73 cm high and the other variant, as shown here, approximately 160 cm high. While four examples of the smaller version have been sold at international auctions since 1991, there are fewer large-scale versions of this work currently documented.

€ 10.000 - 20.000
€ 13.500