29. Floris Arntzenius

Floris Arntzenius
(Surabaya 1864 – The Hague 1925)
The Spuistraat, The Hague
Signed l.l.
Oil on canvas, 40.5 x 32.3 cm
Private collection, The Netherlands
Arntzenius is considered the master of The Hague street views and as a The Hague contemporary and equivelent of the great Amsterdam impressionists George Hendrik Breitner and Isaac Israels. However, where Breitner and Israels had permits to work on the streets, Arntzenius had to hire a window from which to work from. The Hague, more quiet than Amsterdam, inspired him to paint intimate city scapes of a small format, in which he concentrated on the atmospheric mood. He liked the look of streets after the rain, when the wet asphalt reflects the colours and the misty weather obscures the outlines. The rythm of the city fascinates him, the uneven gables, the vertical movement of windows and facades, interupted by signs and flagpoles and the bustle of people and vehicles in the streets. His fine detailing and atmospheric rendition of the streetlife make his paintings unique documents of the time.

€ 8.000 - 12.000
€ 15.000