A silver marriage medal
Holland, 17th century, engraved
The front with a depiction of a marriage in a church with a couple holding hands in the company of a parson. Below a cartouche. Along the rim the caption: Hou daer Jonckvrou En Anders geen * Daer is myn trou naest Godt alleen. on the reverse a Biblical scene from Genesis 29:27 with a standing shepherd, Jacob, playing a wind instrument. Opposite him a seated shepherdess, Rachel. A view of a city in the background. Caption: Siet hier Jacobs min in dienst van Seeven jaer * om Raegels Syn Vriendin en Lieve Weder Paar.
Approx. weight 39 grams.
Diam. 5.9 cm

€ 700 - 1.200
€ 3.800