151. A gilt bronze figure of Sadaksharilokeshvara

A gilt bronze figure of Sadaksharilokeshvara
Tibet, late 18th century
The four-armed manifestation of the Lord who looks down in compassion upon all sentient beings is seated in vajrasana on a lotus base. Both principle hands are in the adoration gesture or anjalimudra while the upper ones are holding the lotus stem and ratna or symbol of the indestructible nature of the Buddhist teachings. He is clad in a pleated dhoti and a scarf is draped around his shoulders falling downwards on the base with its ends elegantly swirling up again. Jewellery is lavishly adorning his body. His face is serene with downcast eyes, aquiline nose, smiling lips and elongated earlobes with ear ornaments. His blue coloured hair is combed in a chignon with tresses falling along his shoulders, topped with the head of his spiritual father Amitabha Buddha and secured with a tiara.
H. 16.7 cm

€ 4.500 - 5.500
€ 11.000