A mother-of-pearl spoonbox with twelve silver teaspoons and a tortoiseshell box with six silver cake forks and six silver spoons
The boxes 19th century, the contents i.a. Amsterdam, 1830, Jan Hendrik Heijneker, Amsterda, 1804 and Schoonhoven, 1977
Rectangular with sloping lid. Veneered with mother-of-pearl sections. Silver lockplate. The interior lined with blue moiré. Containing twelve silver coffee spoons. The second box with slightly curved lid, silver lockplate and ivory feet.
Second grade silver, approx. weight 76 grams and 113 grams.
H. 5.5 x W. 19 x D. 15.1 / H. 4 x W. 12.8 x D. 9.3 cm

€ 600 - 1.000
€ 600