152. A Japanese black lacquered suit of armour, Yoroi

A Japanese black lacquered suit of armour, Yoroi
Late Edo period (1603-1868)

The black lacquered armour woven with dark blue and orange ropes, comprising:
– A ‘ribbed bowl’ helmet, sujibachi kabuto, with gold lacquered crests, kumaizasa mon, and mounted with pheasant’s feathers and metal maedate shaped as lotus above cotton
– A four-part neck guard, shikoro
A mask with separate nose part and brown moustache, resseibo mengu
A four-part neck throat guard, nodowa
– Two five-part shoulder pieces, sode
– Two arm guards with maze and three flanges, sanmaidokote, above green brocade
– A two-part cuirass with ribbed breast plate, wasei nanbando, with two gold lacquered gyoyo decorated with mon above
– Hanging from the cuirass six five-part kusazuri
Two thigh protectors with maze, haidate
Two shin guards, dosuneate
A green silk belt
– With black lacquered box decorated with gold lacquered crest, mon
– Wood box for helmet with gold lacquered crest, mon
The two boxes, helmet and gyoyo are all decorated with the same crest, mon.

€ 12.000 - 18.000