43. A large Purmerend earthenware vase

A large Purmerend earthenware vase
1898, Wed. N.S.A. Brantjes & Co.
With trumpet-shaped neck and a polychrome decoration of poppies and anemone. Model number 1109, unclear painters signature.
H. 62 cm
F.D. Doornberg et al., Purmerends Jugendstil Aardewerk 1895-1907, Purmerend, 1995, page 112, cat. no. 295 for a similar vase, illustrated on the stationary of the firm Wed. N.S.A. Brantjes & Co.
Only two other Brantjes vases with this model number are known. A vase with a near identical decoration but model no. 1108 is in the collection of the Purmerends Museum and is illustrated on page 4 in the supplement of the aforementioned publication and on page 63, cat. 668.

€ 5.000 - 6.000
€ 6.500