169. A large blue and white bulbous vase

A large blue and white bulbous vase
Dated 1877
With eight immortals on clouds painted by Taogong in the style of Shitian daoren in the year dingchou (1877) bailujie (a month after the start of autumn, on the start of the eighth moon-month). The poem can be translated as:
Looking out on the island in the ocean floating high
through the sky above the clouds or seated on cranes
At the Eastern-Sea eight immortals wander around for their pleasure
coming together high in the heavens on the blissful cloud
Apocriphal Kangxi nianzao mark in a double square. Wooden table on five legs with separate top.
H. 61 cm (vase)

€ 1.500 - 2.000
€ 1.500