94. A crowned Buddha Sakyamuni on his lion throne

A crowned Buddha Sakyamuni on his lion throne
Tibet, 18th/19th century
Buddha Sakyamuni, seated in Vajrasana.
Seated on a lotus base on his lion throne with his hands in the Bhumishparsamudra. This is the Buddha Sambhogakaya, the body of bliss, the moment just after enlightenment.
He is seated in front of a Mandorla in the lower part are two elephants and two lions above them are two deer with figures on their backs. In the top centre of the mandorla is a Garuda with jewels coming up from behind, on each side two Nagarajas and Makaras.
The crown, jewellery and base are inlaid with high quality Tibetan turquoise.
The Buddha is cast in bronze and fire gilt, his eyes and hair are painted with natural pigments.
The throne, jewellery and mandorla are all in fire gilt repoussé.
H. 56 cm (including lion throne)

€ 12.000 - 14.000