48. A prayer wheel

A prayer wheel
Tibet, 18th century
A wooden temple prayer wheel decorated with natural pigments. The big cylinder is filled with prayers printed on paper. On the ‘wheel’ the text of the Mantra: Ohm Mani Padme Hum written in Tibetan Sanskrit. The top part of the wheel is decorated with garlands of jewels. The case is decorated with Tibetan geometric carvings, the case is painted in different colours with dragon and flower decorations on the lower part it has a Tibetan scripture. The Tibetans believe that turning a prayer wheel (clockwise) is just as effective as reciting prayers, by turning the wheel the prayers are flung to the gods.
H. 140.5 x W. 64.6 x D. 61 cm
Private collection, Germany

€ 12.000 - 14.000