A bronze Buddha Shakyamuni
China, Qing dynasty, 17th/18th century
The historic Buddha, born in contemporary Nepal in the sixth century B.C., is seated in vajrasana on a lotus stand with rising petals. The right hand in bhumisparshamudra, the gesture he asumed when the goddess of the earth called him as a witness just before he reached the state of enlightenment. The left hand resting on the lap. He wears an undergarment and a monk’s garment with engraved borders covering both shoulders. The face with serene expression, downcast eyes, slightly curved eyebrows, smiling mouth and long earlobes. The coiled hair and the ushnisha crowned with a lotus bud. Traces of gilding.
H. 24.5 cm

€ 1.000 - 1.500
€ 1.000