Thirty-three various enamel, porcelain, painted ivory, micro mosaic and intarsia plaques
19th century
Comprising: six porcelain plaques with portraits, one oval lock, two various oval brooches and a silver filigree pendant, all with porcelain plaques. Together with two various circular plaques, a smaller, Art Nouveau, a rectangular, probably 17th century and a rectangular, 19th century, all painted enamel. Two various oval micro mosaic brooches with architectual scenes, a turquoise glass with intarsia scene, an oval onyx medallion with pearl applique, a black enamel and pearl brooch, two various painted portrait miniatures, all in base metal frames, and a lapis lazuli plaque.
L. 2 – 7 cm

€ 800 - 1.000
€ 950