260. David Gerstein

David Gerstein
Biking A (1998)
Signed lower right
Numbered 25/295 lower left
Three layers of hand painted cutout aluminium, H. 58.4 x W. 139.5 cm x D. 14.5 cm
The celebrated painter and sculptor David Gerstein infuses his art with vivid colours and a dynamic energy. Known for his innovative three-dimensional works, Gerstein masterfully blends metal sculpture with painting. Bicycles are a prominent motif in his creations, symbolising movement and vitality. His bicycle-themed pieces capture the bustling essence of urban life and the freedom of open spaces, crafted with layers of vibrant epoxy paint on aluminium. Gerstein’s pioneering use of cut metal and bold, primary colours has defined his distinctive post-pop art style, earning him acclaim in public spaces and private collections around the globe.

€ 1.000 - 3.000
€ 1.700