226. Damien Hirst

Damien Hirst
Honour (from The Virtues) (2021)
Signed and with number 558/693 on a label on the reverse
Laminated glicée print on aluminum composite panel, 120 x 96.2 cm
Published by Heni Editions, London (cat.no. H9-6)
– Heni Editions, London, 2021
– Private collection, the Netherlands
Damien Hirst, the provocative figure among the Young British Artists, gained fame for his unsettling artworks centred around themes of death. However, with The Virtues, Hirst undergoes a notable transformation, revealing his yearning for beauty and hope.
The Virtues pays homage to the “Eight Virtues of Bushitō” as named by Nitobe Inazō: courage, mercy, justice, honesty, politeness, honour, loyalty, and self-control. Throughout his artistic journey, Hirst’s mother has purportedly not been the biggest admirer of his work. However, with The Virtues, Hirst envisioned a series that would finally resonate with her and garner her appreciation: “When I was making the animals in formaldehyde, she said, ‘Oh, there’s enough horror in the world, can’t you do paintings of flowers?’ And I think, my God, it’s taken me until I’m 55 before I can please her.”
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€ 6.000 - 10.000
€ 10.000