62. Cornelis Kimmel

Cornelis Kimmel
(Middelburg 1804 – 1877)
Skaters at a ‘koek-en-zopie’
Oil on panel, 20.1 x 25.3 cm
– Simonis & Buunk, Ede
– Private collection, The Netherlands
Koek-en-zopie is a term used for food and drink sold on the ice during skating. In the 17th up to the 19th century ‘zopie’ (the drink) consisted of a warmed mixture of bock beer and rum with added eggs, cinnamon and cloves. Later, in the 20th century, warm punch was often sold in the ‘koek-en-zopie’ stall.

€ 1.500 - 2.000
€ 3.200