28. Charles Leickert

Charles Leickert
(Brussels 1816 – Mainz 1907)
Frozen River at Sunset
Signed lower right
Oil on panel, 24.6 x 40.6 cm
Private collection, the Netherlands
Charles Leickert was a Belgian painter of Dutch landscapes. As a child, he moved to the Netherlands with his parents, where he started his education at the academy in The Hague. He was first taught painting under the supervision of Bartholomeus Johannes van Hove (1790-1880), Wijnand Nuijen (1813-1839) and Andreas Schelfhout (1787-1870). With the education and influences of these well-known painters, in combination with Leickert’s innate talent, it is not surprising that Leickert quickly became a highly successful artist. Leickert specialised in winter scenes, such as this impressive winter landscape. This painting is a wonderfully executed work that demonstrates Leickert’s beautiful handling of light and attention to detail. He depicts the freezing cold of a winter’s day in a striking and atmospheric way. Leickert was a master of these popular winter scenes, and this painting is indeed a great example of his masterful skills.

€ 2.500 - 5.000
€ 2.100