24. Aviva Uri

Aviva Uri
(Israel, Safed 1922 – Tel Aviv 1989)
Signed in Hebrew and dated 81 l.l.
Oil stick and graphite on paper, 152.8 x 102.1 cm
Acquired directly from the artist
Aviva Uri’s first exhibition in the Netherlands took place in the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam in 1984 and it was there that her intuitive talents and clear-cut determination were revealed to the public. Her work showed an unexpected combination of carefulness and spontaneity. At that moment Uri wasn’t a known artist, outside of Israel she was seen only as the spouse of the older artist David Hendler. This exhibition would prove to be her breakthrough. Uri, with her eccentric yet shy appearance, impressed the international art world and grew to become a myth. The works displayed expressive drawing, free of mannerisms and other -isms. Her oeuvre is considered to be a turning point in Israeli art history, and still inspires many artists. One of whom, Moshe Gershuni, a good friend of Uri’s said: “If I know anything about black, what a black line on white paper is, what the existence of a line is and when it exists as a line or a composition, I learned it from her.”

€ 3.000 - 5.000
€ 8.000