An illustrated folio from a Safavid Shahnaa (book of kings), a scene from the Ragamala series: Hindol Raga Bundi and an Indian erotic miniature
Iran, 17th century; North India, possibly circa 1800; India, possibly 17th/18th century
A hero lies on the ground struck by an arrow shot by another soldier, their two horses watching, with four columns of nasata’liq text above and below, the reverse with text arranged in four columns, in gouache on paper, heightened with gilt. The Ragamala scene depicting a group of female dancers and musicians standing around a seated male figure on a swing with a vina, a cartouche with three lines of black Devanagari text above, in ink and gold on paper. The erotic miniature depicting an amorous couple in intimate position, in gouache on paper with gilt.
H. 30 x 25 cm
H. 33 x W. 26.5 cm
H. 25.5 x W. 18.5 cm
Private collection, the Netherlands

€ 600 - 1.000