26. An extensive Dutch silver flatware service

An extensive Dutch silver flatware service
Mostly with the marks of Fa. J.M. van Kempen & Zonen, Voorschoten and J.A.A. Gerritsen, Amsterdam / Zeist, various date marks, early 20th century
Comprising thirteen table spoons, twelve table forks, twelve soup spoons, twelve fish forks and knives, eleven oyster spoons, twelve oyster forks, thirteen dessert spoons, twelve dessert forks, twelve sorbet spoons, six ice-cream spoons, eleven tea spoons, twelve coffee spoons, four sugar spoons, twelve cake forks, six petit-four forks, twelve meat forks, twelve fruit knives, twelve butter knives, a fish slice and fork, a marrow scoop, a soup ladle, two straining ladles, two sauce ladles, two vegetable spoons, a salad-serving spoon and fork, a cake-slice, a pair of grape scissors, a pair of tongs, a meat serving fork and knife, twenty-seven various serving spoons, knives and forks, twelve knife rests, twelve table knives and twenty knives, mostly marked on the stems.
Total weight approx. 9640 g (excluding the knives with steel blades)

€ 5.000 - 8.000
€ 4.800