An extensive Dutch silver flatware service
Mark of Fa. J.M. van Kempen & Zonen, Voorschoten, 1913
Each with neo-Rococo handles, comprising twelve table spoons, twelve table knives, twelve dessert spoons, twelve dessert knives, twelve fish forks, twelve fish knives, twelve table knives, twelve dessert knives, twelve salad forks and twelve salad knives, twelve lobster forks, twelve ice spoons, twelve butter knives, a fish serving set, two serving forks, a soup ladle, two sauce ladles, an asparagus ladle, a serving set, a salad serving set, and twenty various serving spoons, forks and knives, in wood casket.
Weight: approx. 7360 g (excl. the dinner knives and the dessert knives)

€ 4.000 - 6.000
€ 3.800