An extensive Chinese blue and white ‘hunting scene’ dinner service
Late Qing dynasty, late 19th-early 20th century
Each decorated with equestrian hunters chasing a deer in a mountainous landscape, comprising a tureen and cover (W. 31 cm), a pair of small tureens and covers (W. 23 cm), three sauce-boats and stands (the stands, W. 19.5 cm), three butter-tubs and stands (the stands, W. 14.4 cm), a pair of salts and liners (W. 7.8 cm), a mustard-pot and cover (H. 9.5 cm), a box with two covers and two stands (the stands, Diam. 14.7 cm), two pairs of openwork baskets and stands (the stands, Diam. 21 / 24 cm), a set of four openwork baskets and stands (the stands, Diam. 18.5 cm), twenty-four plates (Diam. 23.5 cm), twenty plates (Diam. 26 cm), eleven soup-plates (Diam. 23.5 cm), a pair of serving dishes (Diam. 33.8 cm), three serving dishes (Diam. 31 cm), a set of three dishes (Diam. 29 cm), three deep serving dishes (Diam. 28.8 cm), a pair of deep serving dishes (Diam. 26.5 cm), three deep serving dishes (Diam. 23.7 cm), five deep dishes (Diam. 21.2 cm), two sets of three deep saucers (Diam. 16 / 18 cm), a strainer and basin (Diam. 44 cm), a large oval serving dish (W. 44.5 cm), two oval serving dishes (W. 41 cm), two sets of four oval serving dishes (W. 32 / 36.5 cm), three deep oval serving dishes in various sizes (W. 30.3 / 33.5 / 36.4 cm), an oval bowl (W. 30 cm), a bowl (Diam 26 cm) and two strainers (Diam. 22 cm).
Collection L.C. Greven-Twiss Quarles van Ufford

€ 5.000 - 8.000
€ 14.000