22. An assembled Dutch silver flatware service

An assembled Dutch silver flatware service
Marks of Kon. Ned. Fabr. van Kempen en Begeer b.v., Zeist & Voorschoten, various date letters ca. 1970 and Zilverfabriek Voorschoten, ca. 1945
Comprising eight table forks, eight table spoons, eight dessert spoons, eight dessert forks, eight fish forks and knives, eleven lobster picks, six cream spoons, four ice cream spoons, eight coffee spoons, four teaspoons, twelve cake forks, eight table knives, eight dessert knives, six fruit knives and forks with steel prongs, one soup ladle, two sauce ladles, one fish slice, six various serving spoons, one cheese grater with steel blade, three various serving slices, a large meat fork, four small meat forks, two butter knives, a carving set with steel blade and prongs.
Weight (excl. the knives, fruit forks, cheese grater and carving set): ca. 5000 g
* Condition report available upon request

€ 1.500 - 2.000
€ 2.400